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Why Consider a Home Inspection

Whether you're buying or selling a home, having a professional home inspection from a leading home inspection company will give you peace of mind and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.homeanatomy

Odds are that before you make a purchase, you shop around. Whether it is for a car, truck, boat, or TV, but especially when it comes to a home. Your decision to make that purchase is based on many things. The neighborhood, the schools, the price, the size, and so on. More than likely, buying a home will be your largest purchase you will ever make. When you buy a car, you try every feature that you can to make sure they all work. You do that because you can. Everything is right there at your fingertips. Try doing that with a home.

Your home is where you plan to raise your family, and it only makes sense that you try to start that process off right by making sure everything in the home works, and is in good condition. When you are walking through a potential home, you are filled with emotion. That emotion usually causes you to overlook things. You may be concentrating on the yard, or maybe on the basement. You may even self-analyze a couple dozen aspects about the home, and feel that you covered everything.

Think about this, a professional home inspection will analyze over 400 items. See "The Inspection" tab. That is a lot more than you can do even after several walk-throughs. Your decision to have the home inspected by a professional will give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on other things, and know someone is looking out for you. Is that not worth it?

Even in the sixties they needed home inspections


Since the 1960's, many consumers considered the home inspection to be essential to the real estate transaction. A home inspection, once the individual activity of an architect, builder, contractor or engineer has rapidly matured into a separate profession requiring a combination of skills and techniques that touch on all of these.

To meet this demand, consumers required a unique and distinct discipline. As such, home inspections require their own set of professional guidelines and qualifications. One of these guidelines is ethics.

While we legally could inspect your home, and offer to repair it, ethically that would be wrong, which is why we will not offer, or accept offers, to fix any issues we find. How many times have you taken a car in for repair and dreaded the moment they came out to tell you that repairs were needed on things you did not even bring it in for. Likely, you were left wondering if they really needed repairing. We at Home Anatomy do not want you left with that feeling. In an effort to help our customers, we will provide guidance on what needs to be done. We will not offer to make any repairs. We are there for you, and only you!

We have been trusted by home buyers to help them make informed buying decisions. Our home inspections typically range from 2-3 hours, depending on the size and features of the house. You are encouraged to follow along with your inspector as they perform their inspection.

We take great pride in every inspection we perform. When the inspection is over, your inspector will prepare a detailed inspection report regarding the property. Be sure to view our sample downloads, and read about the inspection by clicking on the Inspection tab.

What does the Department of Housing and Urban Development say about Home Inspections? 


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